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The Nayaks introduced the Palayakkarar system under which Kongu nadu region was divided into 24 Palayams.In the later part of the 18th century, the region came under the Kingdom of Mysore, following a series of wars with the Madurai Nayak Dynasty.Because of its proximity to the Western Ghats, the district is rich in fauna.The Coimbatore urban wetlands harbours around 116 species of birds.Of these, 66 are resident, 17 are migratory and 33 are local migrants..More than 20% of the district is classified as forest, lying in the west and north.

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After the Vijayanagara Empire fell in the 17th century, the Madurai Nayaks established their state as an independent kingdom.

Coimbatore district was part of the historical Kongu Nadu and was ruled by the Cheras as it served as the eastern entrance to the Palakkad Gap, the principal trade route between the west coast and Tamil Nadu.