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19-Apr-2016 06:51

On November 24, 2004, Ghanaweb reported a call from the Minister of Defense for a medical school to be established on the campus of the University of Ghana at Legon.

The minister was speaking at the 25th anniversary of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), and reportedly made the remarks in response to a call to relocate the medical school to the campus of the university.

This paper is presented as a concept paper, and the scope is too limited to discuss in detail the many potential questions that come up.

It is part of the 'New Nkrumahism' brainstorm of ideas to move Ghana into a new age of economic development with a focus on Africa.

In this regard, the call appears to have been made without much thought or planning.

At the end of the contract period, at which time the hospital would have been completed, the Ghana government agrees to help these countries establish their own medical schools, and hospitals.Notwithstanding my criticism above, I believe the call for relocating the medical school to the Legon campus is timely.I do not support a call to MOVE medical school institutions away from Korle-Bu.Rather, I would support a call, and indeed, I would call for the establishment of a university medical center on the campus of the University of Ghana.

This would be in addition to the teaching facilities at Korle-Bu.The biggest source of funding for the university medical center should be through contracts. For the privilege of coming to study in Ghana, the governments in question will contribute an upfront amount to build the new medical center at Legon.