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Second; all the cars were white with a two tone blue interior. Kevin Marti has all of Fords records and can decode your car and give you a letter of authencity.

write down the vin #,go to your dmv,they may have a record on google vin #,s for 68 torino pace go to to KYLES what you got with vin#,they WILL get back in touch with it will be on the title if it was a pace luck on your search. It was definitely a 428 Police drivetrain (Aluminum intake manifold bigger Holley, Exhaust was larger than 390 pipes) we found the Ford limo shop build sheet under the carpet.

I don't have this specific data, but fair estimates based on known data indicate that about 90% of the 709 cars were 302/C4 cars.

ALL the cars were dealer ordered, meaning that the dealer checked all the option boxes, most cars were "Bare Bones" as far as expensive options were concerned, The dealers only optioned them as they thought they could sell them.

Looking for resources on researching the pace car editions of 1968.

Anyone know of vin number ranges or anything specific to these cars to look for?

The car had the 428 and also had handle below the rear side windows, hood pins, and flad ooles maounted to the rear bumper.

I have kicked myself thousands of times for letting the car go.

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Any information will be greatly appreciated at Thasnks Can anyone help me, I have a 1968 Torino GT 428 R code convertible, Im wondering if this is one of the original 1 of 2 pace cars used at Indy.The statistics provided are for 68 Torino GT Convertables (5,310 units)..NOT the 709 cars optioned with the Pace Car package.My car is a 390/C6 car (Most were 302/C4 equipped), Kevin Marti WILL research specific data for you (at a cost of an hour) if you wanted to know how rare your Pace Car is in relation to the OTHER 708 cars.I've seen (with my own eyes) a car that was built on the day of the race (Marti report verified)....

Therefore, that car never made it to the dealer that ordered it untill after the actual race ended.My car sat on a showroom floor for over 3 months B4 a customer coughed up the cash to buy it.

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