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Upon listening to these, if it makes sense for you, let me know and we will speak further.

We can see how we may be able to put you in contact with those I know who would make a natural fit for you and your business and set up a joint venture.

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At this point, my waiting list is not as long as I anticipate it being so please let me know at your earliest convenience.

She doesn't believe in chain letters: I think I have got to agree with Cuntfux. It's the damned drum beating, parade chanting, glow in the fucking dark rainbow attention whore fest, bull shit that most people get iratated with. Those prior three words are my only 'outwardly celebration of it.: Why is it that so many gay people have to claim a natural prismatic function of light for a lifestyle with an unnatural act? It's all the gay people shoving shit down everyone's throat that pisses people off about gays.: ^^ Agreed. It's not that people hate you, it's that you must feel ashamed and guilty on your own accord to think that you have to justify your sexuality by prancing around telling everyone that "you're gay and proud" when in fact they don't give a rats ass.