Gay dating for body builder

25-Jul-2016 05:04

Schwarzenegger, of course, has probably gotten more lady tail over the years than Gene Simmons and is therefore comfortable enough with his sexuality to look at bodybuilding for what it is—a combination performance and body art that’s all about transforming oneself into a living Michelangelo sculpture.

Dance is athletic too, but that doesn’t make it a sport.

While Mc Millan is also hugely muscular by the standards of mere mortals, it’s not so extreme that he looks more like a tank than a Ken doll, as Warren does.

Mc Millan’s competitive edge is the symmetry and balance of his body, the lines of which flow in a way that normal people might identify as “attractive.” , though that is ultimately what this “sport” is about.

Now, I don’t know, it’s kind of like a bottle-shaped body.” As someone who has dabbled in bodybuilding and followed the “sport” for years, I think there’s a reason why it and the bodybuilding-supplement-industrial-complex has grown in popularity and profitability while the physiques have strayed further from the general culture’s aesthetic ideal: It’s all about making straight dudes feel secure watching oiled men flex and pose in tiny skivvies.

Bodybuilding in Arnold’s day was undeniably intertwined with gay culture, and early muscle men like Reeves were gay icons.

Straight bodybuilding fans (and I remain one, don’t ask me why) have to do intense mental gymnastics to convince themselves they’re not watching male exotic dancing when they sit through a bodybuilder’s posing routine.

The biggest guys have big bellies, even when they drop to painfully low body fat percentages for competition.