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However, since the end of World War II, when the country was split into two by the United States and Russia, North Korea and South Korea have been two distinctly different nations.

South Korea enjoys democratic freedom, while the north endures a Communist-style dictatorship presided over by Kim.

While baseball, golf and football are popular sports in South Korea, the self-defence method of Taekwondo is the nation’s favourite.

As with most Asian countries, Korea’s staple diet revolves around rice and soy beans, although perhaps the best-known aspect of Korean cuisine is kimchi, which usually comes in the form of preserved cabbage served as a side dish.

As with their counterparts in most other countries of the world, they like spending time with their friends and engage in a wide variety of sporting activities, going to dances and the cinema, and also singing at a karaoke bar.

In tandem with the changing life-styles, the married women of this amazing country very often seek further education at a college or university and sometimes end up building a successful career.

Men are seen as the providers, the people who go out and work and bring home a salary.To the south, the Korea Strait separates South Korea from the Japanese Islands of Kyushu and Honshu.And to the north, North Korea for the most part borders China, and for a distance of perhaps only 15 kilometres it borders Russia.A great thing about Korean women is their polite manner, and because they tend not to overeat they are mostly slim and have beautiful blemish-free skin.

They are usually extremely attractive, tend to look young, and nearly all these ladies sport healthy-looking, long black hair.Dating back to as early as 300,000BC, Korea is a peninsula surround by sea – to the west, the Yellow Sea which divides the country from China, and to the east, the Sea of Japan which divides the country from the Japanese Islands.