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"No boundaries existed between students and teachers," it said, creating an environment that "paved the way for abuse of students." The 49-page report noted the school, which now has 220 students, 79 of whom live on its New Hope campus, had recognized the problems under current headmaster Tom Wilschutz and had taken steps to address them.The grand jury recommended more measures, which Wilschutz said school officials will review.But before she scoots off to get a husband-sanctioned rubdown by a TSA official sexually frustrated by the temptation of all that X-ray-scan nudity, Gloria needs to send an e-mail to Claire backing out of the school bake sale.

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These and other Solebury School alumni, ranging in age from 27 to 77, described for a grand jury how their lives were changed by sexual abuse at the hands of adults at the prestigious school -- and how administrators tolerated, ignored or covered up the attacks over a half-century, according to a report released Wednesday.