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15-Aug-2016 03:05

Rookie Warden Bates responds to a strange call: a report of a mysterious dead deer strung up by a chain and missing a leg deep in backwoods territory.

From first steps to daring kitty pounces, the first eights weeks of their lives will be an epic journey for these adventurous Abyssinians, brash Bengals and perfect Persians. The first few months of these Pugs, Mini-Australian Shepherds and Rottweillers' lives will be filled with adventure, including an introduction to the agility course and a lesson in duck-herding!

This sad, sad show makes professional wrestling look real and exciting by comparison.

When did Animal Planet decide to go the History Channel route and only make boring, fake shows?

Three adorable pups keep their Jack Russell mom busy.

A Portuguese Water Dog discovers her litter may not be too keen on water.

Things don’t slow down in winter for the Wardens, even in freezing temperatures.